Vassalli is the leading company in the manufacture of harvesters, with state of the art axial harvesting equipments.


The company, which has more than 70 years of history, was founded by Roque Vassalli in 1949 and since then has manufactured more than 35,000 harvesters.


Vassalli manages two brands (“Don Roque” and “Vassalli”) with which cover different product tipe sorted by threshing capacity of the harvester, both conventional and axial, standing out for the great versatility and the permanent updating of each one of them.


The Vassalli factory is located in the town of Firmat (Santa Fe) and there it has three plants with 99,000 m2 covert surface where all harvesters, platforms and spare parts are manufactured.


One of the plants is dedicated to research and development, where the new functionalities are continuously implemented to maximize the performance of our product portfolio. A single objective: to design and manufacture the best equipment so that our clients maximize the yield of each harvest.